An outfit that I wore during the summer, my hair seemed bigger during the summer..

Wednesday’s outfit for work…I really like this skirt from Uniqlo

Lovely and her fro…I gotta get her to show me how she gets her hair like that.

So today my Lovely graduated from culinary school and her friend did our makeup. I’ve never been into makeup but it was fun. Congrats Lovely!!!

Lovely rocking her lovely fro, its already been a year since she big chopped

My outfit over the weekend

Lovely all smiles

Lovely’s fro has come a long way, she’s nearing that 6 month mark as well. You go girl.

Prince rocking a twa on The View. I love it, not sure if I love it on him but the idea of it is awesome.

Freshly washed and combed out

Me, before and after I got my first Press. I also had them lady at the salon trim the end to even them up a bit. Can’t wait to see how that looks once curly again.

(Source: naturallycathia)

This was both my hair and my outfit for work last Friday. I did a wash and a Blow Out since I was getting it pressed later on that same say.

Outfit of day was all about staying cool in this heat…my fro is looking pretty full too, love it.